Ring Sizing

A ring should fit your finger comfortably.  It should be snug enough that it won’t fall off (give your hand a good shake to make sure!), but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

Most rings can be sized up or down about 1 full size, but if there are stones that are set partially or all of the way around the band, it may be better for the integrity of the stone settings to have the ring re-made. If you have been given the gift of a ring that needs to be adjusted more than 1 size up, or that has stones set throughout the band, please do not wear the ring, but Contact Us regarding exchanging it for one to be made in your size.

For resizing or special orders, if you have not been sized by a jewelry professional recently, we are happy to send you a “Multisizer” ring gauge at no charge.  Please call us at 303-544-5803 or Contact Us to request one.

How to use the “Multisizer” ring gauge:
-Push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.
-Slip the Multisizer on the exact finger on the specific hand you want to size.
-Adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it slips back over your knuckle with slight resistance.
-When best fit is achieved, read off the size as indicated by the arrow.

Tips for Sizing:
-Be sure your finger is at normal temperature or just slightly warm, as your fingers will shrink and expand when they are hot or cold. The best time to size your finger is generally near the end of the day after a normal day of activity.
Exercise, altitude, alcohol, and salt intake will also make your fingers swell, so after having a few post-hike margaritas is not the ideal time to have your finger measured!  It’s best to measure your finger 3-4 times at different times during the day to get an accurate size.

- Make sure you measure the exact finger on the specific hand where you want to wear the ring.  Your dominant hand will generally be larger than your other hand, so one size will generally not fit both. 

-If your knuckle is noticeably larger than the base of your finger, be sure to measure both the knuckle and your finger. Keep in mind that you have to get the ring on over your knuckle, so you may have to adjust the final size to make that work, but you don’t want it so big that it will slide off too easily.  If the ring slides or turns around on your finger because of the larger size, there are options we can discuss with you such as sizing balls or speed bumps to help keep that from happening.

-A wide band will take up more room on your finger just as a very narrow one will take up less. When measuring for a wide band, you should measure the fleshy part of your finger in between the base of your finger and the knuckle.  Make a fist to make sure it is comfortable when you bend your finger.  Your ring size for a wider band will generally be larger than your size for an average band size, and smaller for a very narrow band.

Don’t Guess! We are here to help and are happy to walk you through the process!! 
Call 303-544-5803 during business hours and we will be glad to assist.