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Every few months, our gallery will present a dedicated showcase to highlight a single artist. Visit our events page for the upcoming schedule or our artist archives to see past showcases. 

ARTIST Showcase

Ethan Jantzer

The Art of Creating Photograms

A photogram is a photograph produced without the use of a camera by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper and exposing the assemblage to light. I combine intense flashes of light to create and capture shadows on large sheets of photographic film.

Using this highly sensitive material requires my work be done in total darkness, leaving only my sense of touch with which to complete my compositions. By casting light from various angles and distances I am able to manipulate and control the shadows I capture. The saturated images you see are created by shining light through colored liquids such as dishwashing soap and Gatorade. . . color light = color shadows.

Beauty of the Overlooked

This archaic process may be easier understood if you think of it as a color sunburn on photographic film. Imagine taping a plant/object to your back and spending the day at the beach. At the end of the day you would have the silhouette of that object tanned onto your back. This is similar to the art of creating photograms.

The inherent limitations of the photogram process allow for subtle surface details to become focal points within the finished image. These same details would easily be overlooked in traditional photography. This unique and experimental process allows me to study light, color, and texture, while stretching the limitations of photography.

By reducing my subjects to nothing more than a series of color shadows or silhouettes I am able to showcase the realistic in an abstracted manner. Once complete the mundane and often overlooked qualities of my subjects produce a rather intriguing beauty.