Fine Art

CURRENT SHOW | Deb Komitor

My paintings create windows to a natural world. They don’t show the fast paced, chaotic world we live in; they show the nature we are surrounded by; the world that was here long before us and, hopefully, will be here long after us. My vision is to awaken in people the awe and wonder in nature and the healing powers of a walk in the woods.

I create large scale paintings to place the viewer inside the experience. You feel the energy of the subject through each brush stroke. The paintings don’t just draw you in; they come out and get you. They engage you to enter and experience the strength, peace, hope, joy, and calmness of nature. Along with these large paintings are a series of small intimate colored pencil drawings of the animal spirits in the woods. 

For the time being many parks are closed or limited l bring these works to you so that you can hike into the images and feel Mother Natures embrace. Now more than ever the healing power of nature is needed in our lives. Even if it is a single tree outside your window or a painting of one.

Now more than ever we need art. We need to express it, we need to share it, we need to experience it, whether live or viral. 

Komitor lives in Colorado Spring with her husband Steve, 2 cats and Zoey, her studio mate dog. Originally from Ohio, Deb attended Colorado College of Art and Design majoring in Fine Art and then went on to earn an MFA in painting from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins.