James Banks Trunk Show and Personal Appearance

We welcome Heidi Nassar Fink to Boulder for our first James Banks Trunk Show.

Known for their accurately depicted butterflies, these amazing pieces are created using a proprietary technique where a frame is created and almost like a puzzle, various metals are carefully set into negative spaces.  They then experiment with various patinas with the butterflies to bring the multi-metal inlay to life.

Using a variety of metals such as various karat golds, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, bronze, nickel, shibuichi, and shakudo, all pieces are hand finished using a hand burring technique they developed to give the final finish a rich handcrafted look.

Heidi will also be bringing selections in gold and silver with her from their "Feather" and "Code" collections, as well as a variety of "Lightkeepers" which are composed of hand-blown glass and filled with precious stones.

We hope you will join us to see this special, very limited production line of very special pieces.


Trunk show hours:

Friday, April 5, 11-6pm

Saturday April 6, 11-6pm

Sunday April 7, 11-5pm

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